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Creating a Plan for Parenting Apart 
What is Custody? Sole or Joint? 
What is Visitation? 
What is Child Support? 
What is Child-Centered Custody/Visitation Family Law? 
What Might I Decide if I choose a Co-Parenting Family Law Attorney? 
Why Should I choose a Co-Parenting Family Law Attorney? 
How Do I Start? 
What Happens After Making the Co-Parenting Plan? 
When is Co-parenting focused Family Law not Appropriate? 
How Do I Find Out More?



     Co-Parenting family law – one of the most difficult things about divorce or single parenting is creating a co-parenting plan that each parent agrees to and can stick with.  This type of parenting plan can be achieved through co-parenting family law.  With the help of a co-parenting family lawyer the parents push past their issues for the benefit of the most important person between them – their child.  This child matters.

Creating a Plan for Separate Parenting

Focusing on custody and visitation issues can be less stressful if you concentrate on your child. When parents take an active part in the decision-making process, they are more likely to achieve practical and fair solutions. Understanding the issues involved in a parenting plan is important to resolving them.

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What is Custody? Sole or Joint?

Custody has two major components: legal custody, or who makes important decisions regarding the child's upbringing, and physical custody, or, where a child lives.

The parent or parents who make the decisions regarding the children are "legal custodians." Whoever has legal custody may make these decisions. With "joint custody" both parents make decisions together; with "sole legal custody" one parent makes these decisions alone.

Physical or residential custody refers to the child's primary residence.

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What is Visitation?

Visitation is parenting time with the child. Time is specifically set aside for the non-custodial parent, grandparent or other family member to spend with the child.

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What is Child Support?

Child support is paid by the non-custodial parent to the parent with whom the child resides (the "custodial" parent) for the care of the child. A hearing examiner determines the amount of support in conjunction with guidelines established by the Child Support Standards Act.

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What is Child-Centered Custody/Visitation?

  • Using a private, confidential meeting between you and the other parent, and attorneys each parent will talk about the issues which brought your to Family Court.
  • A child-centered model helps you focus on the child's needs in developing a custody or visitation agreement.
  • A Family Court has the ultimate authority in the marriage dissolution or legitimation process.  However, in the child-centered model the parents create the plan for co-parenting their child and submit it to Court to become part of the divorce or legitimation order.

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What Might I Decide in this Process?

  • legal and residential custody
  • parenting time or visitation
  • grandparent visitation
  • birthdays, holidays and vacations
  • religious upbringing
  • medical decisions
  • how to best communicate with your child's other parent
  • future plans
  • education
  • role of new spouse/significant other.

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Why Should I choose a Co-parenting focused Family Lawyer?

  • Developing a co-parenting plan puts your child's future in your hands, and allows you to make the decisions which are in his/her best interests, rather than leaving such matters to the Court.
  • The co-parenting plan development process is confidential and voluntary.
  • Meetings are scheduled at your convenience.
  • Allows for the time you need to make important decisions affecting your child.

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How Do I Start?

Request assistance directly by phoning 678-761-0154 or emailing  You will receive a prompt reply so that we can schedule a meeting in Metro – Atlanta, Georgia.

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What Happens After Creating a Co-parenting Plan?

The plan for co-parenting is prepared and signed by both parents.  The plan is then filed with the Court to become part of the divorce or legitimation order.  If no co-parenting plan is made the marriage dissolution or legitimation proceeds through the judicial system, with the Court structuring the parenting plan.

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When is Co-parenting focused Family Law not Appropriate?

It is not appropriate if there are allegations of child abuse/neglect or in situations where domestic violence exists.

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How do I find out more? 

For more information about Co-parenting focused Family Law please contact Zainab Major Brown  at 678.761.0154.


A child needs time with each parent in a safe environment.  Develop a parenting plan.



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